Web Design for Adrenaline Sporting Events

Web Design & Logo Branding Sponsorship Project for Adrenaline Sporting Events

Web Design for Adrenaline Sporting Events

Web Design & Logo Branding Sponsorship Project for Adrenaline Sporting Events

Adrenaline Sporting Events – Branding Sponsorship

Website and full branding – logos, web design, promotional materials and structure hire – to promote Adrenaline Sporting Events’ upcoming running and cycling events.

Project Overview

  • Brand strategy and brand identity development
  • Responsive website design and build
  • Promotional Materials & Banners
  • Event Structure Hire

Project Overview

As the main branding sponsor of Adrenaline Sporting Events, our sponsorship  began with the promotion of a singular event: Oswestry 10k Run, which has since expanded dramatically to the branding and event promotion of a growing collection of 7 events to this day! We worked closely with our client to design and brand the main Adrenaline Logo, along with the 7 individual event logos; Oswestry 10k, Welshpool 10k, Nippers & Rippers, Midnight Ride, Race The Rock, Caste 2 Castle, and Pedal Pushers.

Each of the logos tie in together, with modern fonts and icons, and a distinctive pink colour used throughout (minus Welshpool 10k). With the new logos in place, we moved on to build a brand new website for the client. Each event now has their own identifiable page, where site visitors can read all about the events, explore the race routes, read faq’s and terms and conditions, as well as enter the event! We have also provided our client with additional design of partnership packages, promotional printing and event branding of the finish line.

Creative Design

Bespoke websites with a fresh, creative approach.

Fast Turnarounds

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Responsive Layouts

Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly Website Designs.

Event Branding Sponsorships

As the main event branding sponsor of Adrenaline Sporting Events (including all of their individual events), it’s up to Now Group / Now Web Design to ensure that every aspect of the client’s image represents the brand. This includes logos, website design, start/finish line appearance, promotional materials, marketing materials (leaflets, rollup displays, partnership packages) and sponsorship banners. We assisted with each of these areas, ensuring the Adrenaline brand was consistent throughout.

Adrenaline Sporting Events Website Design

The most important aspect of this website build for our client was to ensure that each of the events were represented clearly and independently, each with their own identity. We created a ‘quick links’ bar along the top of each page for easily accessing each individual event, which each have their own page. Each event have their own course route, entry links, terms and conditions, FAQ’s and general event details. One of our client’s requests was for each sponsor of the events to have a presence on the website, so we created a page especially for this which can be easily updated as the events gain more and more sponsorship!

Branding & Logo Design

As the branding sponsor for Adrenaline Sporting Events, we were responsible for rebranding the existing events ‘Oswestry 10k’ and ‘Midnight Ride’ logos, along with 3 new logos; Welshpool 10k, Nippers & Rippers and Adrenaline Sporting Events. We developed a recognisable logo style, which we followed through with the 3 additional logos as the Adrenaline portfolio of events grew larger; Race The Rock, Castle 2 Castle and Pedal Pushers. We came up with a stand out colour scheme of vibrant pink, with black and white to contrast (with some additional colours for the individual event’s colour schemes).

Check out the final logos below:

The Result

Our client now has multiple new logos and branding to represent each event, shown consistently throughout their custom brochure website.


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