What do our Web Hosting Packages include?

Now Group offers a fully managed web hosting service for clients. Making sure your website is looked after for all those technical needs!

What is web hosting?:

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Web hosting is the place where all the files within your website live. It is like the home of your website.. where it actually lives.
A good analogy for what web hosting is would be if the domain name (the URL of your website) is the address for your house. The web hosting would be the actual house that the address points to. So,if you didn’t have web hosting, the ‘postman’ would try to deliver your mail, but without a house at the address, the postman wouldn’t be able to deliver it and it would be returned to the sender or get lost in the ether. Therefore, all websites on the internet require web hosting to work.

When someone enters your domain name in a browser, the domain name is translated into the IP address of your web hosting company’s computer. This computer contains your website’s files, and it sends those files back to the users’ browsers.

Quick Overview:

Web hosting is an essential component for running a website.

A server is used for storing your website files. For us, that normally involves a WordPress installation. It holds the content (your images and text) and delivers the functionality that operates on the website.
Our websites operate using a theme and often use plugins to add functionality (contact forms etc). These are integrated with a database that allows communication back and forth to serve up or save the relevant information.

This configuration is the most commonly used method and although we launch completed sites, future updates will still be required for each area:

  • Server updates
  • Platform updates (WordPress)
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin Updates

Updates are required to keep the systems up to date with technological advances, security requirements and general system improvements. This is all managed within a hosting package by Now Group.

And there’s more…

As a hosting client you also get:

  • Peace of Mind (everything is managed and updated for you)
  • Stock photography (A large collection of images that are available for your website)
  • SSL certificate (A security measure that encrypts data so that it cannot be read by malicious activity)
  • Tech support (if you have any questions or queries regarding your website)

What’s included in Now Groups Managed Hosting?

Now Group build websites to be fully compatible with the specific configuration of our servers.
Using reliable hardware and tested software, this creates a hosting environment that allows us to maintain a consistent and reliable service with advanced features.

Our managed service includes:

Domain management – So we can look after your domain settings’

Domain DNS assistance

Server and hardware management

System backups

Technical management

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